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“Spark live concert: So Hyang in Vietnam” will officially take place on the evening of December 14 at Lan Anh club (HCMC) with the appearance of the main character - Korean singer So Hyang. In addition, the concert night also gathered a large number of guests including singers from Kim Chi's homeland and Vietnam.


If in K-pop, two singers' names are invited including SUKI and YJB, in Vietnam, a series of top singers are classified as singers, Diva is also present as: Tuan Ngoc, Thanh Ha, Ha Tran Ho Ngoc Ha and artist Tran Thanh - Hari Won.

The Korean vocalist Diva also said she was eager to appear at the music night as well as meeting and practicing with top Vietnamese singers and singers.

“After many times of waiting, I can finally satisfy my fans and audiences in Vietnam. I hope with my careful preparation and the organizers will help the show be held successfully, well and will be a good memory for all of us, ”said the Korean singer eagerly.

So Hyang is the top singer in kimchi. She is one of the rare Asian artists regularly placed on the scale with the world's leading diva series such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin ... In Vietnam, many artists also expressed Her admiration for female diva and recognition of her singing and performing style has become the standard for them to orient their career.

Before that, So Hyang used to come to Vietnam to perform as a guest in singer Thu Minh's concert. It can be said that her presence and performance in Vietnam in an official show has long been the desire of many audiences.

On the other hand, the guests of the concert also attracted the special attention of everyone when they were all top vocalists, owning vocals and styles that created their very own school of music in Vietnam. . Many fans expect a duet, a top song or even a "duel" between the "great" voices from the two music backgrounds of the two countries.

The representative of the concert organizers said that the holding of the concert next to the desire to bring a quality music night to satisfy the audience, above all else, they aim to exchange music between Vietnam and Korea to thereby opening up similar opportunities for cooperation in the future.

“Our goal is not only a 3-hour performance, but above all, it is also our wish to help Vietnamese music get closer to Korea - an inherent place in the art field. Theirs has been an industry for many years. The organizers hope with the opening shot of the show with Diva So Hyang, the plan will go smoothly ”, said the representative.

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Spark live concert SOHYANG in Vietnam

2019-12-14 22:30:00.000

LAN ANH Music Center, 291 Cach Mang Thang 8, ward 12, dist. 10, Ho Chi Minh city

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